President of the Amhara region killed

  • The chief of staff of the army, Gen Seare Mekonnen, has been shot dead

The Amhara Mass Media reported that president of the Amhara regional state Ambachew Mekonnen and the region’s goverment advisor Ezez Wassie had been killed. Both were killed from “gunshot injuries sustained,” according to the report. The Regional Attorney General Migbaru Kebede has also sustained heavy injuries and is currently underogoing medical treatment, it was reported. “The attempted coup and attacks on the leadership of the Amhara Regional Government President was orchestrated by Brigadier General Asaminew who has been serving as the region’s government’s Peace and Security Bureau head, in collaboration with other individuals. Many of the individuals involved in the attacks have been arrested and there is an ongoing operation to arrest the remaining,” a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister disclosed on Sunday.  

The Mekele-based Dimtse Woyane reported that Ethiopia’s military’s Chief of Staff, Seare Mekonen had been killed along with another retired senior military general, Gezai Abera. The Office of the Prime Minister disclosed both were killed within the residence of General Seare. “This fatal attack was committed by General Seare’s bodyguard who has also been arrested,” the statement reads.

The executive committee of Tigray Liberation Front has sent condolences for the lost lives, Dimtse Woyane reported. At midnight, Prime Minister Abiy appeared on state TV to announce that the army chief of staff had been attacked as the government thwarted the attempted coup.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Gedu Andaragachew returned home from Germany today,
cutting short a visit there, according to reports.)

(Picture: Gen Seare Mekonnen shaking hands with Prime Minister Abiy a few weeks back.)

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President of the Amhara region killed