67 Ethnic Amharas Were Massacred by Oromo Extremists In Ethiopia

Sixty seven ethnic Amharas were massacred by ethnic Oromo extremists and thousands injured in Oromia Region (Dodola district, west Arsi zone, Balae, Harrar, Asabe Teferi,Dire Dawa, Ambo). Reportedly the killings were ordered by controversial extremist Jawar Mohammed, local authorities and residents said.
The attacks against ethnic Amharas , non Oromos and Christians were ordered by Jawar Mohammed residents in the region and victims relatives reported. Residents said that armed youth from the surrounding areas of the cities listed above who described as Quero stormed the towns and torched homes and properties owned by the Amhara ethnic groups, predominately Orthodox Christians and killed 67 people.
A student by the name Zinabu was attacked and killed in his own house on Wednesday, a resident of Dodola told VOA Amharic. Thousands of Amharas fled the Oromo region seeking for shelter, according to the resident.
A grenade was thrown at several churches injuring hundreds.

Some of the victims of the massacre and tools used by Jawar Mohammed followers.