Ethiopia: Experts Underline Media’s Impartial Election Reporting –

ADDIS ABABA – Media experts stated that the media outlets whether they are broadcast or print are expected to report impartially and credibly about the upcoming election that would be conducted this year to push the country forward in terms of cultivating a democratic culture.

The Ethiopian Herald had a stay with Abera Wondoson, Lecturer at Dilla University Department of Journalism and Communication. He said that the existing political scenario in the country is not that much inviting and needs to be revisited.

He further said that the role of all media outlets in the country should be shaped in a constructive way via accommodating the view points and outlooks of both parties: the ruling one and the contestant parties. This means they have to report from the beginning to the end-result disclosure-genuinely as their purpose is encouraging the nation to conduct a fair, free and democratic election.

The languages they are going to use needs to be increased to address myriads of citizens across the nation to help then properly enjoy electing representatives.

Abera also stated that the government is not supposed to monopolize the media. If this is so, the democratic feature of the election and its credibility will be under question mark. Simply, he said the role of the media has to be participatory in pre-election treks, during election and post-election journeys with a view to accommodating the voices of all electorates.

“The government is also expected to make the play ground and political landscape conducive that help conduct a fair, free, democratic, credible and peaceful election through well preparing itself to organize all facilities and invite all contestant parties as their participation is of paramount importance in appreciating a multi-party system and creating a democratic nation. The journalists should also report according to the media ethics and all the required journalism principles,” he underscored.