The G.T.P. (“Growth of TPLF’s Pockets”) meeting in Washington DC ends in humiliation and embarrassement for the repressive regime in Ethiopia.

WASHINGTON DC – Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans in Washington DC held a successful protest that forced the TPLF tribal thugs and criminals into disarray. The meeting intended to scam the Diaspora and steal their hard-earned money in the name of the government’s newest deception referred to as GTP (which stands for “Growing TPLF’s Pockets”) had to end midstream, because many Ethiopians protested the government’s massacres in Ethiopia as well as the attempt to fleece the Diaspora abroad.

The protest kicked off on Saturday morning at 10 AM, and had a major  security presence because of the TPLF officials’ fear and concerns about facing Ethiopian Americans in the Diaspora. 

The Ethiopian protestors started chanting around noon for the end of the 20-year rule of the iron-fisted, corrupt dictator Meles Zenawi and to denounce the dissemination of a government bond-selling scam and the deceptive TPLF propaganda in the Diaspora.  Protestors conveyed the growing concern about the suffering of Ethiopians from brutal economic, military, political and social repression under the regime of dictator Meles Zenawi, who has been in power  since 1991. They also urged pro democracy and freedom loving people across the globe to stand with Ethiopians and demand the immediate removal of war criminal Meles Zenawi and his cronies.

According to sources who were inside the Cramton Auditorim, the TPLF tribal thugs had been attempting to harass and even beat several Ethiopians who were attempting to challenge Meles Zenawi’s delgates and bond-scammers. One of the victims of the TPLF thugs required an emergency evaluation and treatment for blunt injury to his abdomen at the Howard University Hospital.

The meeting that was unable to control the protests of the people who were inside the auditorim and unable to resist the pressure from outside  had to be be interrupted  for over 15 minutes as result of a fire alarm, before it then finally had to end prematurely.

March4Freedom protesters sent an important message to Meles Zenawi’s thugs and collaborators, namely that their venture into the pro-democracy terrain of Washington DC and their attempt to steal the Ethiopian diaspora’s hard-earned dollars, to use that to stuff their elite pockets and to purchase arms to kill protestors with, will never, ever pass without adequate response from the freedom-loving Ethiopian-Americans of the area.

Below are some pictures from the yesterday’s protest. A  video will be posted later today.

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