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The Ethiopia Government unveiled a draft Human Rights Action Plan on Thursday last week (February 28th) for discussions with stakeholders including the United Nations, civil societies and development partners. The overall aim of the plan is to ensure the goal of effective human rights in the country.

The plan includes nearly 60 recommendations to cover gaps in different sectors, including education, health and culture. Ethiopia’s Minister of Justice, Berhan Hailu, said the action plan was drafted with a view to improve any possible deficiencies in the justice sector. He said the Government needs a lot of “proclamations and also guidelines for the protection of the rights of the people, for the accused persons, for the persons in prison and others”. He noted that among the recommendations of the document, “the importance of a guideline on the use of force by the police” was one important development.

He said the Government is doing its level best to ensure human rights. The people of Ethiopia were already benefiting largely from the Government’s efforts, and he expressed the Government’s commitment to strengthen these and fill any gaps: the action plan was devised to make clear the way for improvement. The Human Rights Action Plan will be sent to parliament for adoption this week, and is scheduled to be implemented over the next three years.

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