G 20 Protest Report

March 4 Freedom announced its plan to conduct a protest to denounce the invitation of War Criminal and Tyrant Meles Zneawi just a week before the G 20 summit once information was leaked to the group about the Tyrants trip to the US from sources close to the regime.

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Soon thereafter, March 4 Freedom contacted Ethiopian media websites, radio programs and various organizations and number of activists to join hands and March in Pittsburgh.  Ethiopians from various part of the US and Canada drove to Pittsburgh, dressed in the green, yellow and red colors of the Ethiopian flag,  they called on G 20 countries and the U.S. taxpayers to halt financial backing to Ethiopia for war crimes and suppression of democracy.

The protest was given coverage by a number of media channels, including New York Times, Pittsburgh Tribune, NPR, CNN, BBC, Radio Free Europe, Radio Check Republic, Radio France, VOA English, VOA Amharic and various local and international newspapers and websites.

The organizers thank all Ethiopian American marchers and especially those who drove far away from places such as Nebraska, Chicago, Ohio and DC area.

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