G8/G20 Toronto

The Group of 8 Leaders and the Group of 20 Leaders are meeting in Ontario, from the 25th to the 27th of June, 2010.

Following the collapse of the Copenhagen Climate Summit, they will be discussing the global economy, development and climate change.

The G8/20 Leaders have invited the War Criminal thug Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia to attend the G20 summit in Toronto next month. Meles Zenawi  will join leaders of the permanent members of the Group of 20 industrialized and developing countries at the June 26-27 summit. Canada, as host of the summit, announced that the War Criminal Meles Zenawi will be traveling to Toronto to observe the meeting.The G20 meeting will follow a June 25-26 summit of the Group of Eight leading industrialized countries to be held in Muskoka, Ontario, north of Toronto.

Meles Zenawi  who is attending the summit does not represent either Ethiopia or Africa.

In opposition to the attendance of War Criminal Meles Zenawi  , Ethiopian across the North America are organizing protest  days of action in Toronto, Canada.

March 4 Freedom in collaboration of other organization  is preparing a Protest against  one of the worst War Criminals,  Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia..

Change comes from people making decisions for themselves not dictators such as Meles Zenawi. We call upon all freedom loving people in North American and  everywhere to continue to build their local struggles.

Join March 4 Freedom  in Toronto in June 2010 to Protest against Meles Zenawi.

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